Monday, April 2, 2012

My Baby Shower & Designer Diaper Bags

I didn't get the chance to post about my baby shower which was last weekend. It wasn't a huge shower in terms of guests, but that is EXACTLY how I wanted it to be. It was very classy, the hostesses were my mom and sister. We dined at a local restaurant that agreed to reserve a "special" room for us. We enjoyed deserts off of the menu and bottomless coffee. It was my ideal shower...I feel very grateful!

On another note...I have just be introduced to the world of designer diaper bags. I'm in trouble! I can't believe I didn't hit this up when Jason was born...there are so many cute ones! 

Dooney & Bourke 



Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture 

Louis Vuitton

I need to start saving up for one of these beauties! Which one is your favorite?


  1. i think my fave is the louis vuitton. How far along are you now?

    1. I think that is my fav too! ;)
      I am almost 34 weeks...6 more weeks to go! Ahhhh!