Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Making a Dream a Reality...Someday.

I started Jazz It Up in 2009 as a little side job. I made all the jewelry and hair accessories myself. The marginal proceeds that I did inquire went to help fund our adoption. Pretty soon I branched out into wholesale merchandising. This allowed me to sell purses and scarves via Jazz It Up. After that I added consignment to my  repertoire which has allowed me to branch out even further. As fun and exciting as this has all been I have done a large part of my business online. It is not my sole income...I also work as a stylist at a local boutique.

My real dream is owning my own boutique one day. It seems sort of lofty sometimes...I frequently remind myself that it will be a struggle to start out and I should be wise about when and where to open. I know that with one baby boy and another on the way this dream is a few years (at least) into the future. But I love to plan and hope that one day this can be a reality. I feel that merging the skills I've learned working at my bosses boutique and the skills it required to start Jazz It Up will only be natural at a certain point. I just get anxious wondering when it will all happen for me and hoping I will have the support I need.

I guess that is the point of dreaming, right? Sometimes the wishes we have for the future are lofty but what would life be if we couldn't dream. I hope that YOU reach for the matter what it is you'd like to do in life.


  1. This stuff is so cute and fun!!

    Thanks for saying hello! ;)

  2. I love to dream.
    I am sure you can make this dream true :)

  3. Hold on tight to that dream. Make your dream your goal and you CAN achieve it!

  4. Dear Rachel

    I just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to Create With Joy and to thank you for joining us at Friendship Friday! I LOVE boutiques and think your dream is fabulous - I have no doubt that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to!

    Have a blesed Easter weekend and I look forward to getting to know you! :-)


    Create With Joy

  5. YOU will and can reach your dreams!!! i know it is hard at times but keep pushing!! :-)

  6. It sounds like you are already on your way to achieving that goal!! I think the hardest part is starting out, so you've clearly surpassed that! Congratulations on not giving up either! :)