Monday, February 27, 2012

Pregnancy -- The Birth Plan

I have been working on a birthing plan over the weekend. There are so many things to consider that hadn’t even crossed my mind! From enemas to epidurals this birthing business if far from the world of fashion retail! Oddly enough it does make me excited to finally go into labor. I am just not cut out for the whole pregnancy thing. While some women relish the 9 months basking in their “glow” I have not taken pleasure in the sleepless nights, the back pain, and the pregnancy acne I’ve experienced.

I’d like to hear about your experiences…did you create a birth plan when you were pregnant? If so, any tips for me? And where you a mommy to be that loved being preggo or loathed it?


  1. Oh girl we'd run out of space if I told you about my labors and pregnancy's!I've had five children, 2 c-sections 3 natural! They don't do enema's any more do they? It's not really necessary,my body always seems to do that before going into labor.Whatever you do plan be fixable no one knows how they will react during labor-its never the same. And DO NOT let anyone tell you what to do, its your body,if you need pain meds get it,if you don't that's great too. I have a high pain tolerance,no pain meds while in labor, but a headache sends me to the moon!
    Basically what I'm saying is you really can't plan everything out,and if you do know that it might not go just like you wanted. In the end it doesn't matter when your holding your baby!

  2. I read every Bradley method book around...
    the very best tip is while in labor do not let your tongue touch anything in your mouth...forces you to relax
    good luck!!

  3. Well, I wrote a birth plan, but I didn't bring it to the hospital. Oh well, my birth was NOTHING like my birth plan. Haha! Just don't be upset if nothing goes to plan! I think what helped me the most was just staying positive and letting things happen as it happened.