Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Standing Up

When it aired, one of my guilty pleasures was Sex and the City. In fact, it still is as I often break out the DVD box set just to reminisce. Season 5 was one of heaviness emotionally and laced with self discovery amongst the ladies.

One specific episode always sticks out in my mind and in particular one statement. On episode 3 of season 5 Samantha is struggling with the ability to let go of Richards cheating past and trust him. She finds that she cannot live with the constant nagging thought that he is going to cheat again. When she confronts him about it she says “I love you Richard, but I love myself more”.

What a powerful statement. I love you, but I also love myself and I am not willing to do this to myself. At first glance some may label that selfish, but I think it is actually quite wise. I truly believe that in order to properly treat others with respect and love you must treat yourself with respect and love. It is a cycle that can affect not only your own life but the life of those around you. Something must be said of the ability to walk away from a situation or a personal that is not right for you.

I think we all know someone who is co-dependent. Recently a co-worker has been slacking because she is with a man who is bringing her down. It is a long and complicated story but basically it is affecting her work life and I can only imagine it is affecting her personal life as well. Many of us have encouraged her to walk away for her own good but she cannot find it within herself to do so. I pray she is able to do what is right. I know it takes a strong person to walk away but it is not impossible.

Have you ever had to walk away from a situation or a person because you knew it was bad for you?


  1. I don't think i have ever found any redeeming virtue in that show or any of the characters...seems she is stuck with her life BECAUSE she loves herself more.

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  3. Rachel, I liked your post. And I agree with what you said. Women need to be in control of their lives and I have found that when they let themselves get into a place where their with someone who brings them down and they won't leave that person its because they don't think they are worthy to well loved and that no one has shown them that they are. So just telling them to leave that person isn't enough you have to show them with your love for them that they are worthy and that you are there for them. Thank you for following me I am now following you!

  4. I agree.. It takes courage to walk away from someone/something that is not worth. Sometimes I need to that to I guess