Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My New Spring Purse

It's a tradition...I always start thinking about my "spring purse" around the end of February. It's a fashionista's way of waving goodbye to winter and ushering in the change of seasons. Business usually starts to speed up around spring which adds to my monthly bonus. This causes me to start scouring the stores and the internet for my new purse. This year I picked the Coach Poppy Straw Tote. 

I picked this tote because of it's light and airy colors, it's size, and lets face is COACH!! I have a slight obsession with Coach...their purses/bags have never let me down. 

I have considered doing a post showing you my favorite purses in my collection...what do you think? Do any of you collect certain items (purses, shoes, jewelry, makeup, etc...) If so, what are your fashion obsessions?


  1. Hey Rachel! This purse is sooo cute! I used to have a purse problem...but I'm so cheap, I always shopped at target for my bags. Ha!
    I finally loosened the "purse strings" a couple months ago and bought this Fossil that I'd been eyeballing for over a year. So glad I did. I love it.

  2. Love it! Coach is my fave as well

    Found you in the hop! New GFC Follower, Hope you will follow me back!