Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Favorites This Week

A few things that have made my week-

My maternity jacket from Old is heaven sent I tell ya! I can actually move in it without feeling like a rolled up sausage. I had been wearing my pre-pregnancy jackets and coats before I ordered this and now at 31 weeks I just can't swing the non-maternity clothes anymore.

Speaking of pregnancy I have indulged in a MAJOR craving...the Shamrock Shake! I love these babies! I suck them down like there is no tomorrow. And with the unseasonably warm weather we've been having I feel I can justify this cool treat.

OPI's Holland collection...specifically "Red Lights Ahead...Where?" This is my current toe nail color. I picked it out during a pedicure I had this week and ended up buying the bottle because I loved it so much.

We are coming up on the weekend...I hope you all have a fabulous Friday. Please feel free to share with my your weekly favorites. :-)


  1. Yum, I haven't had a Shamrock shake yet this year - I better get on it! LOVE the maternity jacket! I muddled through pregnant winters trying to wrap my regular coat around my irregular body, and it was NO FUN. Shoulda gotten one of those!

  2. We had such a hard time getting shamrock shakes here! I love the coat. I live in FL so I never got to wear the cute coats, etc. when I was pregnant :)
    Thanks for linking up. I followed you before, but for some reason it never came up I guess (I think I did it at the top of the page and not at the box) so I followed you again :)