Friday, March 23, 2012

For Everything There Is a Season

All my life I had been someones something...the principles daughter, Z's sister, the girl dating W, K's assistant. But when I moved to the city I was no longer tied to anyone specific. At the ripe age of 20 I took off to escape from the dull small town life I had become accustomed to.

Nothing about my year long stay in the city made logical sense. I didn't really advance in school and I didn't progress in my career. I held down a couple flexible part time jobs which allowed me to enjoy my personal life like never before.

3 of us occupied a small 1 1/2 bedroom apartment on the trendy east side. Our little "home" had more closet space then actual living space...which I suppose suited us well. With all of our extra money going to our Friday nights out and our Saturday shopping habit it was not necessarily a hugely responsible time in our lives. Sure, we paid our bills and even made time for a couple college courses but that wasn't what made us tick. For that year we were carefree... experimenting with adult life yet far from grown up. In our circles we were fairly well known. We were fun and entertaining with a youthful exuberance not yet tainted by adult skepticism. We honestly believed we could do anything and that all our wildest dreams would eventually come true.

Sometimes as a fully functioning adult I am tempted to look back at that year and roll my eyes, counting the ways I could have more responsibly spent those 12 months. But then I realize that going out and discovering more about myself was necessary for my future growth and development. No, I didn't save any money or advance in my schooling or career during that period but I did gain self confidence. I also experienced a level of happiness I never had felt before...and little did I know would not feel again for some time.

I guess my point is that I truly believe in my blogs title "For Everything There Is A Season". Basically each experience serves a purpose in life. Maybe we don't know what that purpose is our we don't fully understand it. But in some little way, no matter how remote, our experiences shape us.


  1. I love this post! Yeah, it's probably not a good idea for us now to go out every night and spend tons of money, but having that experience enriches your life and defines who you are now!

  2. Oh Rach, it's a great post but I'm stuck on the one and a half bedrooms. What is a half bedroom?