Monday, February 13, 2012

Yoga & Pregnancy

I am so relieved I have finally found a great outlet for relaxation during pregnancy...YOGA!
I am no stranger to yoga, I participated in it before pregnancy. But after the whirlwind of adoption and expecting simultaneously I let the fact that there were no prenatal yoga classes in my area deter me from continuing with the activity. Finally I reached a point where just walking was not stretching my stiff limbs enough so I pooled my resources and got a local yoga instructor to teach a "gentle" yoga class geared towards pregnant women or those who are recovering from injury.

My best friend has agreed to go with me which is fabulous! Doing yoga with a girl friend is so much more fun then doing it alone. She isn't pregnant but she loves the relaxation aspect of yoga which she will get with this class.

Do any of you practice yoga? What are your ways to relieve stress?

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