Monday, February 6, 2012

What I Wasn't Told...

Nobody told me the pain I would feel would be greater than the joy. I didn’t know that when another woman called herself his “mommy” and referred to him as “her son” it would hurt so much inside. I didn’t know that attachment would be an issue for me but not necessarily for him. I didn’t realize that each day I would remember the pain and hurt caused by the waiting to get him. I wasn’t warned that the wounds from the verbal attacks of his biological extended family still sting my heart. My head is buzzing with confusion. Who will he consider his mommy when two women are calling him son?


  1. I am so sorry some people say things like this without understanding your pain. Sadly you will probably have to prepare your self for more of this...

  2. I wonder the same thing too in regards to your last sentence. Hopefully the mommy raising him.