Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I noticed a few other boggers make a list of what makes them feel pretty. I thought it was a neat idea so in the effort of staying positive here is my list!

I feel prettiest when...

I just get out of the shower; I pile my wet hair on top of my head and slather moisturizer on my face…just so fresh so clean!
I finish a book
I watch the sun rise 
I write in my journal
I prepare a delicious meal
 I spend quality time with friends
Fabulous footwear 
I have a heart to heart talk with my husband
I style a client at work and she not only looks but FEELS beautiful
 I wear my purple haze eye shadow quad
I care for my son 
I go on a run
 I am being pampered (mani, pedi,  massage...you know what I'm talkin' about girlfriends!)
 I am rocking oversize shades
I am wearing an outfit that is uniquely me
I get an unexpected text message
I am creating something handmade
I decorate a room
 I take photographs
 I take my dog on a long walk (or snuggle with him)  
I let the fresh air hit my face and I breath in the scent of nature
 I pray
 I trust
 I love
 I lend a helping hand
 I defend myself or stand up for what I believe
 I do the above for a friend
 I sip a warm cappuccino at a local coffee shop
I get a good nights sleep
My husband gives me a massage

Remember to treat yourself right today & seek out the things which make YOU feel pretty. And by all means, make a list of your own...and rememeber to share it with me.

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