Saturday, January 28, 2012

5 Lessons Learned in 2011

This post may be a little late seeing as we are closing out the month of January. But I really feel that 2011 was a huge year of personal challenges and growth. I don’t want to forget what I’ve learned or risk not being thankful for what I’ve been shown so I figured writing my thoughts down was in order. So with out further ado, lessons I've learned in 2011...

1)      TRUST – not only trust that there IS a plan for my life and that God will provide but trust in those who love me. I have battled with trust throughout the years but during some challenging times my loved ones have stepped up and taught me that I can let go and rely on them.
2)      LET GO- This ties directly in with trust. Previously (and admittedly it is still a weakness) I would have the “I can do it all on my own” mentality. The apprehension of letting go of control would overwhelm me to the point that I would isolate and try to conquer things beyond one person’s ability. Now that I have been forced to let others help me I have been able to see the clear benefits. I’ve been pleased to find that because of letting go the relationships that are worth having actually IMPROVE when you allow others to lend you a hand.
3)      LOVE FOR THE MOMENT- I never thought I would miss our “single couple” life but I actually do! I look back at the 4 ½ years that it was “just us” and I truly know and realize they were a blessing. We had many fun and exciting times that I wish I would have enjoyed to the fullest rather than wishing we could start a family or hoping life would change. That is why I am trying to relish every current twist and turn of life. I know that I will look back and find beauty in it later…so why not LOVE the moment right now?
4)      APPRECIATE THE LITTLE THINGS- There are so many little things in everyday life that I adore, I just sometimes forget to truly appreciate them. That cappuccino first thing in the morning, the brisk walk that stretches my legs, or those fabulous hand stitched beads in my BI Jou clutch…it’s just simple things that when I take time to acknowledge I feel much more positive and centered.
5)      RESPECT FOR MY BODY- Now this has admittedly been much more than a year long process and something that I’ve battled with for quite some time. But in 2011 I feel I really came into my body and learned to love it for what it is. I fed and nourished it with great food and exercise. I found a balance that was quite far from my eating disordered past. And what happened? I became pregnant! I truly think that allowing myself to respect my body and treat it better than I’ve been able to in the past was a key to becoming pregnant. And now seeing my body change while expecting has caused me to marvel in what it can do. Amazing!


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  2. You learned some wonderful and wise things about life in 2011, we should all remember things like this. I hope 2012 will bring you lots of love and happy moments.